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Welcome to Reconnect Computer & Electrical Services

Your computer running slow? Does it have a virus? Need upgraded?

Or do you just want a new computer?

Well that's where Reconnect comes in. 

We'll tune it up, clear out the virus or upgrade it or whatever else you require.

Some work can be done remotely, as long as you have an internet connection we can access your computer and remove the virus or tune it up. We can even install software for you, all done remotely.

We can build a PC from scratch for you to your specifications, set it up, install additional software that you own and even back up your old pc’s hard drive and transfer all your pictures or videos etc. to your new pc.

We will even dispose of your old PC and destroy your hard drive so there is no sensitive info left on it.  We also do all types of repairs to laptops, PC's, Mobiles, Tablets, E-Readers etc.


Reconnect Computer & Electrical Services

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